Heather Richards, Proprietor, Cuthbert's Bridal Wear: The accentuate experience is a pleasure from start to finish. You will leave feeling confident about yourself and know that the clothes you will wear will accentuate your best features and disguise the less flattering ones! You will know that you have the ability to make the right choices in everything you do and will believe that you can achieve anything and everything you wish. I strongly recommend accentuate to my friends and clients alike.

Sue Clarke, Career Coach: Sue is tremendously practical and able to ‘tune in’ to who you are and what you are looking for – a huge bonus if you’re on a budget, in terms of both cash and time! I would not hesitate to recommend Sue: both personally and professionally, she is excellent.

Lynne-Marie Howden, International Director: Sue has a devotion and love for what she does and it’s infectious. She really does walk the talk. Although looking good is a serious business, the sessions are fun and really enjoyable. Sue always delivers (and often exceeds) on her promises to her customers. She is a true professional, who can relate equally well to the housewife and the career woman.

Paula Bell, Finance Director, FCMA: Being aware of some simple guidelines on what styles to look for or avoid has made a huge difference. As a Finance Director I can certainly recommend making this small investment as it will have a massive financial benefit. Think of how much money one spends on outfits that are not quite right and end up sitting in the wardrobe, untouched!

Caroline Moroz, Astrologer: Anyone who meets Sue cannot fail to be immediately impressed by the bubbly confidence she exudes. This, in addition to her impeccable sense of personal style inspires confidence in any would-be client from the outset. I now know what colours suit my skin tone, and which could make me look positively awful - believe me, I saw the evidence! I heartily recommend accentuate to anyone who wants to make the best of themself.

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