In today's competitive world, business, first impressions last: they can make you or break you.

Most businesses today, whatever their size, invest large sums in their brand image. They recognise the importance of good signage, a logo with impact, powerful communications materials and a consistency of brand values. But often, the most important ambassadors of the brand and what it stands for, are totally forgotten.

The people who work for your company are your biggest asset, but they can also be a massive liability. Impression management is a key factor in successful business and your employees need to understand how the way they look and act can adversely affect the bottom line. By aligning brand values throughout the workplace, you help secure your long term reputation, attract and harness the best talent and retain and grow your optimum client base.

Many high ranking executives have specialists to support and assist them in their role. An Image Professional easily fits into an existing team of professionals, managing image and impact, personal shopping and outfit selection. Many men are colour blind, so the service provided can be extremely beneficial.

We offer workshops and personal consultations to meet the individual needs of your company so please contact us for more information and client testimonials.

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