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Sue Donnelly is an Image Coach with a wide experience of working with people, both in a corporate environment and on a personal basis.

Sue's work with individuals enables them to find a style of dress that reflects their inner values and unique personality, elevating self-esteem and confidence.

Her company Accentuate, was borne out of the Johnny Mercer song "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative" as she believes most of us concentrate on the parts of our bodies we don't like and truly forget how attractive we are in our own right.

Sue has been featured in numerous national magazines and newspapers, wrote 'The Gorgeous Clinic' column for Health Plus, contributes to a wide variety of magazines and has been invited to appear on prime time television. She is also a sought after speaker and workshop provider.

She is also the style expert for www.expertsonline.tv, qualified Master and President of The Federation of Image Consultants www.tfic.org.uk and one of two image professional fully qualified on both sides of the Atlantic www.aici.org. She is also the only Licenced professional Fashion Feng Shui facilitator in the UK. Giving to the community is important and Sue works as a volunteer for the breast cancer charity, Look Good Feel Better www.lgfb.com.

As President of TFIC, a qualified life coach, trainer and workshop facilitator, Sue has the skills and the passion to help men and women look and feel good about themselves in an authentic way, whatever their age or shape. She has studios in Peterborough and London or will consult with you in your own home or workplace. She also teaches style to image consultants at Aston+Hayes, London.

Sue has been trained by some of the most respected image teachers in the world including Jennifer Aston www.aston-hayes.com, Carla Mathis www.bodybeautiful.net, Evana Maggiore www.fashionfengshui.com, Gerina Gaffney www.gerinagaffney.com and Brenda Kinsel www.brendakinsel.com to name but a few.

She is the author of 4 best selling books, The 80/20 Makeover, Does My Belly Look Big In This?, Heading South? and Feel Fab at 50(www.feelfabat50.com).

She has been labelled, 'the human face of image' because of her down to earth, humorous style, her approachability and her willingness to share. She also looks pretty good!

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